Your Ultimate Checklist Before Moving to Colorado

Colorado, as we know, is been one of the most influential states across the U.S. The state that celebrates an all-time high with about 5.8 million residents is known to attracts new residents almost every year.

Being one of the leading states with a rising economy, Colorado has flourished over the years for its diversity and culture. Life in Colorado is full of welcoming residents, endless outdoor activities for every season, pristine scenery and numerous activities for you to enjoy.

The sixth-fastest growing state in the nation, Colorado is a hidden gem and a majority of people are considering shifting to Colorado life. However, moving to one of the most flourishing states is no easy task; you have to be well informed and prepared.

Ultimate Checklist Before Moving to Colorado!

That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the things to consider, the pros, cons, culture and weather type here. Looking for a “Moving to Colorado Checklist?” Continue reading to know more about moving to Colorado.

Checklist Before Moving to Colorado

1. The Culture is Immersive Here!

The nature and culture of this beautiful state go hand in hand; you can expect the best from the down-to-earth residents! Colorado was developed for its mineral wealth and today, some of the Rocky Mountains serve just the right purpose. This incredible recreation culture is centered around outdoor activities, including snowboarding, skiing, boating, hiking and biking.

The Culture is Immersive Here

Colorado is the land of springs and things, where the residents love to indulge in outdoor sports. Ranging from ski trips to trekking, the options here are endless.

Accepting cultures from across the globe, towns around Colorado are welcoming to every religion, adding to the welcoming nature of this mountain chic. Adding to the perks of living in Colorado, the mixed blend of cultures and practices gifts natives with extreme sports, summer music festivals and a way of mountain life.

2. The Elevation and Neighborhood Dynamics are Simply Mesmerizing

Another unique aspect of relocating to Colorado is the surroundings and its neighborhoods. Colorado is home to numerous experiences; especially when it comes to the surrounding communities, you’ll experience culture amidst different proximity and elevation to the mountains.

For example, if you relocate near Julesburg or Burlington on the Eastern Plains, you may experience warmer, more humid weather, which, when compared to Gunnison or Glenwood Springs in the mountains, is entirely opposite. The state is home to varying elevation levels, all of which are located within a few hours’ drive.

The Elevation and Neighborhood Dynamics are Simply Mesmerizing

Similarly, if you have been wondering about “how high is Colorado Springs?This city in the southern Front Range region marks the average elevation of Colorado at around 6,000 feet above sea level. At 5,280 feet above sea level, Colorado’s state capital, Denver, is affectionately known as the “Mile High City.” On the Western Slope of Colorado, Grand Junction is at an elevation of 4,613 feet above sea level. Mountain cities like Estes Park and Breckenridge are at elevations of 7,500-9,600 feet above sea level. While the highest-elevation city in Colorado is Leadville at 10,152 feet. Therefore, when you’re moving to Colorado, ensure that you are aware of the elevation of your surroundings.

3. Calculate your Budget

Now, let’s move on to the budget aspect of Colorado living. While it’s obvious that living in the Centennial State isn’t cheap, there are certain areas and neighborhoods where the cost of living is affordable. To move successfully to the Centennial State, you need to have an idea of the type of lifestyle you are planning to live, the area you want to reside in and the average costs so that you can allocate a budget for a particular place.

While deciding where to move in Colorado, you must refine your search based on expenses you can spare on housing. The cities in Colorado are well developed and are an average distance of 5 miles apart; therefore, if you’re taking up a job that requires regular commuting, consider the fares of public transportation as well.

4. Put your Taxes at Ease!

One of the significant reasons to move to Colorado are the taxes of the state. So yes, the newcomers or new residents will be welcomed by a low base sales tax of 2.9 percent. However, local taxes may vary depending on the city and county movers relocate to. With low property taxes and a flat income tax rate of 4.63 percent, Colorado is an most acceptable option for affordable living, Period. Now, with such simplicity with taxes, we guess you have your answer to “why are people moving to Colorado?Yes, among the location and others, taxes play a significant role as well.

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5. Unlock a Healthier Way of Living

So, if you’re looking for some benefits of living in Colorado, this is it! Colorado is a great way to start a healthier lifestyle. Moving to Colorado brings you amidst individuals that love to lead an active lifestyle, courtesy of the numerous things to do in the state. The healthy food options, health-focused culture and numerous outdoor activities almost throughout the year make Colorado one of the healthiest states to live in. So, if you’re planning to move to Colorado, the time you say hello to an active lifestyle filled with adventure and joy!

6. Colorado is the State of Development

Colorado is a rapidly developing state, especially the areas with active interest like Denver or Colorado Springs. If you look at the state map, you’ll find out that Colorado Springs is an active area of interest attracting people to its downtown, Fort Carson Army Base and the suburb of Fountain.

Therefore, if you plan your move strategically, you can get the advantage of affordable living while allocating the maximum money to your savings. The trick here is simple: Move to the areas that are a bit under-developed as they’re both cheaper and cost-effective when compared to high-end places. Further, the under-developed areas are also an excellent area for investment.

Colorado is the State of Development

On the other hand, if you want convenient living that matches your standard of living, you can consider moving to other developed areas with a bit higher cost of living expenses.

7. Winters in Colorado can be Intense!

If you’re moving to Colorado from Texas or any other humid and warm region, the chances are that you’ll find Colorado’s winter to be rather intense, often accompanied by heavy snowfall. However, due to the elevation of the neighborhoods inside the state, you can find varying intensity of cold. The higher you go, the colder it becomes.

Winters in Colorado can be Intense!

Therefore, it’s a smart move to check off and prepare yourself for Colorado’s winters! To begin, you must buy and get used to multiple layers of clothing. Interestingly, the temperature can also get higher during the day as Colorado’s high elevation puts it closer to the sun’s warming rays.

Winters in Colorado aren’t only limited to you; your vehicles need equal preparation as well. Snow tires are an asset in the state during winter. It helps to keep tire chains for driving in the high mountains when there is fresh snow on the ground.

8. It’s a Swing State

Colorado is home to both the right- and left-leaning residents. The state's largest city, Denver, is considered a relatively liberal place; on the other hand, other smaller towns tend to be conservative.

Colorado is a Swing State

Politically, the Colorado governor and U.S. senators are Democrats. Congressional members of the state are split among the two parties. Colorado is a swing state; therefore, be prepared for numerous candidate visits before elections.

9. Beware of the Altitude

With a mean elevation of 6,800-feet above sea level, Colorado has the highest mean altitude of all the states present in the U.S. As one of the most primary pointers in your checklist, stay prepared to face such an altitude change.

Beware of the Altitude

“Altitude sickness” is a common experience for the newcomers in the state. This is especially true for those who want to climb some of the state’s highest mountain peaks above 12,000, 13,000 and 14,000 feet in elevation. These highest peaks are called “14ers.” Therefore, to stay prepared for such an altitude, remember that the sickness is temporary and you’ll eventually blend in with the surroundings. Take time to acclimate yourself to higher elevation, which has less oxygen. The chances are that you’ll start adjusting to your surroundings within 24-48 hours of your entry into the state.

Here's a precautionary note: here’s a precautionary note: Don’t forget to consume at least an additional liter-and-a-half or more water than your usual routine after you’ve just shifted here. Drink plenty of water before, during and after hikes and other outdoor activities. This way, you’ll be ensuring complete hydration and face the altitude with much ease.

10 Jobs and Work Culture

It’s no doubt that Colorado has an excellent economy, offering new and better job opportunities to its residents. Therefore, if you’re considering better employment options or want to have a secured work-life, Colorado should be the go-to place for you. The state is a hotbed for employment opportunities for students.

Jobs and Work Culture in Colorado

Further, the work culture here is balanced, giving you the joy of enjoying a pleasant life while putting in your valuable efforts. What’s more? The state has a high employment rate compared to others in America.

Some More Reasons to Move to the Beautiful State of Colorado

  • Tons of Intriguing Museums to Visit

Are you into ancient history? Or maybe dinosaurs? Well, if you’re into the history of anything ranging from the animal planet to humans or their inventions, we bet you’ll have a great time shifting to Colorado. Colorado has museums that uncover the history of almost everything.

Tons of Intriguing Museums to Visit

The Centennial State is filled with fascinating museums that are sure to take you through time and maybe even help you with your upcoming Instagram post.

  • You Get to Enjoy Four Seasons in Colorado

Enjoying its position at peak altitude, it’s no doubt that winters are long here. Given the snow and the mountains, the ski season begins from November and sometimes lasts until July 4th.

Enjoy Four Seasons in Colorado

However, that’s not the only season that you get to enjoy when you move to Colorado. The state is rich in terms of its seasons. Locals enjoy and experience diverse festivals, activities and cultures during summer, spring, fall and ski (aka winter). Skiing is one of the most famous activities in the state and the natives here live for that!

  • Amazing Cities to Explore

Is your definition of Colorado limited to just Vail or Denver? If that’s true, then you’re missing out on so much more. Besides the two cities, the state is home to numerous unique towns that are open for visitors and residents to explore.

Amazing Cities to Explore - Colorado

Given its size, even a majority of the locals haven’t yet experienced the diverse culture, food and life across all the cities that Colorado has to offer. For instance, you can experience exotic and authentic food at Durango and Telluride, experience rich culinary history and amazing sights at Fort Collins. There’s just so much to explore!

  • A Great Shopping Scene

Colorado is home to a surprising amount of shopping spots around the state. Interestingly, cities like Colorado Springs, Boulder and Denver have some of the most famous brands assorted within the town. No matter which city you land in, the state is filled with malls and fashion outlets, to never let you go out of fashion.

  • People are Friendly and Welcoming

Colorado is home to some of the most welcoming audiences. The people who call it home aren’t only kind and warm-hearted but welcoming and open for friendship with the outsiders.

What are you waiting for? Make the Move Today!

Now that you’ve explored everything, ranging from the taxes in the state to the type of living and its thriving job culture, it’s time to plan your move to the Centennial State.

What are you waiting for?

Given the endless list of offerings that the state has, now you have your answer to why are people moving to Colorado?” Given its pristine beauty and hub of activities, we’re pretty sure that you may never want to leave this livable state. So, wait no more! Plan out your move using our checklist and get ready to enjoy everything that Colorado living has to offer.

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