Your Guided Itinerary to 22 of the Most Amusing Museums in Colorado

The Western American state of Colorado is more enjoyed by travelers for its rich diverse beauty. However, it will be unfortunate if you neglect the place that holds equally rewarding cultural institutions and museums for diverse interest groups. 

Colorado is home to a host of museums, dedicated to art, history, science, civilizations, sports, transportation and more unique interests. For one’s plan to explore the state, it won’t be a bad idea to plan for some of these museums covering your itinerary list. Definitely, there is much to explore and learn when you are investing time in these facilities. Let’s know about them in detail!

Museums to Visit in Colorado

1. Clyfford Still Museum, Denver

Intrigued in subjects like art and painting? Colorado gives you a unique opportunity to witness the creation of Clyfford Still, whose work has been concealed from public views for decades. One among the breakthrough Colorado art museums, you can explore it chronologically by the artist’s sketches starting from the 1920s to the monumental paintings immersed in colors from the 1950s.

Clyfford Still Museum, Denver

It’s an insightful way for a visitor to learn about Clyfford’s rare artistic vision, who never compromised it for fame and riches. There’s more to this Denver museum with the indoor performances to outdoor concerts, educational conversations, hands-on art workshops, thought-provoking films, peaceful meditation sessions, etc. 

2. Forney Museum of Transportation, Denver

Interested in soaking up some knowledge about the history of transportation evolution? This one-of-a-kind Colorado museum showcases a collection of over 600 artifacts related to historical conveyance, such as locomotives, airplanes, motorcycles, fire trucks, cars and more.

Forney Museum of Transportation, Denver

If such technologies appeal to you, it’s great to pay a visit to this place for a sense of education and personal enrichment. Something you shouldn’t skip is Amelia Earhart’s Kissel Car and a bicycle from 1817. This museum in Denver equally mesmerizes little ones as well. Young toddlers can spot the toy models and purchase some toy vehicles from the gift shop. 

3. Gilpin Historical Society, Central City

Colorado mountain museums like the Gilpin Historical Society have an array of interesting aspects that aims to make it big for the visitors. This museum allows you to examine the social, political, and economic life of Gilpin County.

Gilpin Historical Society, Central City

When at Gilpin Historical Society, you can also get through the glorious past of Rocky Mountain mining in Central City. Several other rooms are recreated for the Mountain Submarine, Main Street, schools, church, banks, and other historical monuments of the Central City. 

4. Loveland Museum-Gallery/ Rialto Theater, Loveland

Colorado has a host of museums for everyone, and surely it doesn’t disappoint the art enthusiasts, too. The Loveland Museum-Gallery enables you to witness various world-class displays like Mariano Medina’s Cabin, Colorado-Big Thompson Relief Map, Great Western Sugar Factory, Life on Main Street, Sweetheart City USA, and others.

Loveland Museum-Gallery/ Rialto Theater, Loveland

Moreover, you can also engage yourself in some artwork, at the art classes meant for every age group. This Northern Colorado museum in Lovelane is a kind experience for guests of every age. When at the Loveland Museum-Gallery, you can also consider visiting the Rialto Theatre that offers a high-quality experience in performing arts, films and educational activities. 

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5. Molly Brown House Museum, Denver

We all loved the Hollywood classic “Titanic,” and now there is a chance to experience a little further visiting the museums in Colorado. The Molly Brown House Museum is the home to the Titanic survivor Margaret Tobin Brown in Denver.

Molly Brown House Museum, Denver

This 20th-century grandeur gets you through the posh exterior and interior of the Denver-styled architecture. The place contributes to the city’s identity through a tale-telling of Molly Brown’s philanthropy, activism, education reforms, and other societal exhibits. Indeed, justifying the reason why there is an average footfall of 45,000 visitors per year.

6. Museum of Western Colorado, Grand Junction

Looking for a diverse experience through the museums in Colorado’s Western Slope? The Museum of Western Colorado takes you on a fun-filled educational ride with subjects relating from art affairs to the development of science.

Museum of Western Colorado, Grand Junction

You can get a glimpse of a stagecoach, 1958 Cessna following up with the ancient Anasazi pottery. There are more fascinating attractions like the history of weapons that tamed the west and uranium mines that explore through the boom. You can also get through the historical materials in the Loyd Files Research Library at this Grand Junction museum. 

7. Old Town Museum, Burlington

Do the old buildings and their history fascinate you? If yes, then there’s a great chance to come across such beautiful art pieces at the Colorado history museums like the Old Town Museum in the Colorado Eastern Plains city of Burlington.

Old Town Museum, Burlington

This museum navigates visitors through societal, cultural, educational, religious, agricultural, and industrial life of the area and its residents. 

8. Rosemount Museum, Pueblo

There are plenty of museums in Southern Colorado. Pueblo boasts of a must-visit destination is the Rosemount Museum. 

Rosemount Museum, Pueblo

One of the most intact private properties of Pueblo banker and merchant John Thatcher and his socialite wife Margaret Thatcher, it takes you back to the splendor of the Victorian era. You will fall in love with this mansion for its exemplary furnishings, decorative paintings, customized woodwork, walled stone exterior, window treatments, and much more. 

9. Southern Ute Museum and Cultural Center, Ignacio

Willing to delve into the history and cultural aspects of Native American society? The museums of Colorado, such as the Southern Ute Museum and Cultural Center, get updated with a 52,000-square foot incarnation, which was inaugurated in 2011.

Southern Ute Museum and Cultural Center, Ignacio

The museum building in Ignacio is inspired and conceived from a Native American heritage with fascinating design highlights. You can get a rundown through 1,500 artifacts with a storytelling room, library, curatorial facilities, and a native plants garden. 


10. Victor Lowell Thomas Museum, Victor

If you want to get some distinct flavors, Victor Lowell Thomas Museum is your ideal destination. This museum in the mountain mining town of Victor accommodates two stories, an original 1899 building filled with artifacts, photographs, and exhibits depicting the life of multi-professional Victor Lowell Thomas.

Victor Lowell Thomas Museum, Victor

It will take you back in the history of the real gold and gems, with the working scenario of the Colorado gold mines. Visitors can also find memorabilia that was once possessed by the eminent world traveler, journalist and author Lowell Thomas. Your most cherished visit to one of the Colorado railroad museums can be recalled through shopping souvenirs like books, old-time games, historical maps, renal stones, and other odd ends. 

11. Art Cartopia Museum, Trinidad

It’s hard to keep calm when you pursue a passion for cars. No matter the country or state, you are bound to get excited when you come across fascinating cars. Interestingly, Colorado has one such museum for you as well. You won’t be disappointed as the Art Cartopia Museum is open all year round with over 25+ cars on display. These are cars decorated to look like whimsical animals and other creatures.

Art Cartopia Museum, Trinidad

On your visit to the Southern Colorado city of Trinidad, ensure that you do take a tour of this neo-roadside attraction, featuring the extraordinary gallery with its fun make space offering hands-on activities. In Colorado, you can also get hold of the ArtoCade 2021 from September 10th and 11th. It’s fun to watch the second largest art car event with different art vehicles participating and driving in the main street parade in Trinidad. 

12. Cortez Cultural Center, Cortez

Cortez Cultural Center is another exceptional museum in Colorado that reflects upon the life of Native American culture and society. There are exceptional interpretive exhibits of basketmakers and the timeline of the Ancestral Pueblo people in the Southwest Four Corners Region of Colorado. 

You can catch hold of the monthly local and regional art exhibitions focusing on Pueblo, Ute Mountain Ute and Navajo tribes. Also, provision for dance programs entertains you from Monday to Saturday held on Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

Cortez Cultural Center, Cortez

The other major attraction of this Cortez museum takes you through a 122-acre cultural and natural preserve known as Hawkins Preserve, open all year-round. This natural desert featuring multiple trails allows the visitors to spot the diverse species of flora and fauna of the land. 

13. Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Fort Collins

Are you willing to expand your mind through scientific and historical insights? Then you should head toward Northern Colorado to experience the most immersive and innovative museum. 

The Old Town Fort Collins museum enables you to discover mind-boggling latest facts starting with Madagascar hissing cockroaches to music production processes and other interesting things related to biology.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Fort Collins

This Colorado museum features a 16,000 square foot main gallery with explorations through history and science, awaiting the inquisitive learners across different age groups. That sounds fascinating to the kids is the unique birthday celebration in the venue that makes their big day worth remembering. 

14. Fort Sedgwick Museum, Julesburg

The north-eastern Colorado town of Julesburg, Colorado, shares its slice of history through the Fort Sedgwick Museum and Depot Museum. Not to forget, it’s another Colorado railroad museum that probes through the artifacts of the Union Pacific railroad, Pony Express, American pioneers and natives.

Fort Sedgwick Museum, Julesburg

In the Fort Sedgwick Museum, you can find the informational exhibits, research rooms and offices of the Fort Sedgwick Historical Society. While the Depot Museum accommodates the documents and artifacts of the early pioneers. If you plan a visit, this museum remains open from Labor Day to Memorial Day from days starting from Tuesday to Friday. 

15. Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures, Fort Collins

Filled with diverse folk arts, fine arts, world artifacts, and informational resources, Colorado’s Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures in Fort Collins is the place for art lovers’ delight. Artifacts are sourced from local residents, many of whom have been faculty and staff at Fort Collins’ Colorado State University. This Fort Collins museum caters to the inquisitive thirst of learners to know more about world culture, tradition, art and history.

Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures, Fort Collins

All the displays are arranged perfectly in the four galleries, one of which is popular to house the International Folk Art in Miniature. Recently, it has showcased an art exhibition with the theme “Magical and Mythical Animals in Human Imagination.” It has explored the extraordinary children’s drawings of mythical creatures like griffins, unicorns, and others. 

16. Museum of Northwest Colorado, Craig

You can delve into the fascinating Museum of Northwest Colorado situated in downtown Craig. It is bound to intrigue you into the world-famous “Cowboy & Gunfighter Collection,” besides other stunning regional collections.

Museum of Northwest Colorado, Craig

Its cowboy memorabilia comprises items that have traveled through history. Examples of which include household items from the early 20th-century, farm tools, coal mining artifacts, and a plethora of local photographs. You will also get a chance to view the remains of Craig’s largest known mountain lion. 

17. National Ballpark Museum, Denver

Don’t miss out on one of the world-class Colorado museums in Denver, dedicated to the ballparks. The museum holds pride in its treasured collections, including the ones from the original 14 classic ballparks.

National Ballpark Museum, Denver

Here you are free to have an experience without the guide, or you can take help from personal volunteers who take through personal tours with baseball conversations. It can be really enthralling watching the largest private collections of baseball focusing on the heritage, steel and concrete ballparks made from 1909 to 1923. Needless to say, you can get many exciting facts and knowledge about baseball when visiting this place. 

18. ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Pueblo

Your love for the cowboys, rodeos, and spirit of the Wild West can come to life at ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Pueblo. The colorful history and tales of legends in professional rodeo can be your next big thrill if you visit the Pikes Peak region. 

ProRodeo Hall of Fame, Pueblo

The Hall of Fame celebrates the victory of champions from bull riding, bareback riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, stock contractors, clowns, notables, etc. You can also pick some cowboy accessories from the gift shops featuring Colorado-themed cowboy items. 

19. Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, Cañon City

You don’t need to be a child to visit Colorado dinosaur museums like the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience in Cañon City. Although, it will be a great experience to enjoy the prehistoric dino era if you have kids.

Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, Cañon City

Spread through a 16,200 square-foot building, this historical museum features a world-class collection of actual dinosaur fossils, casts of full-scale dinosaurs, and other such interactive displays. Get ready for a gripping face-to-face encounter with full-fledged animatronic dinosaurs moving and making sounds amidst the nature park.

20. San Luis Valley Museum, Alamosa

The San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado is more than a scenic wonder, when you stumble upon the museum located in Alamosa municipality, in Colorado. The Sans Luis Valley Museum allows you to explore the Native American artifacts, Japanese-American community, Hispanic settlers, military, regalia, early railroads, Adams University and much more.

San Luis Valley Museum, Alamosa

This historical journey will get you exciting exhibits from antiques, photographs, artifacts, and collectibles portraying the early farm and ranch life. 

21. Western Museum of Mining and Industry, Colorado Springs

With its Western Museum of Mining and Industry, Colorado becomes more welcoming for all history lovers, geology enthusiasts and rockhounds. This bustling destination gets you through the century-old history of miners and their families. You get a chance to discover the history behind processes like mining, drilling, blasting, mucking, and hauling ore from the mine to the mills.

Western Museum of Mining and Industry, Colorado Springs

The various activities and hands-on exhibits designed for every age group keep the families and kids engaged throughout. What’s more? You’ll also find a 360-degree visual treat for visitors to have a glance at the glowing fluorescent minerals. 

22. Pioneers Museum, Colorado Springs

If you are planning for the treasured landmark of Pikes Peak summit, you shouldn’t be skipping the Pioneers Museum. After a visual treat, it’s time to ignite your curiosity with the rich history and culture of the area that gets adequately represented in this museum. You will be glued to their exquisite art collection of the Colorado state, incorporating the Van Briggle art pottery, quilts, and fine regional landscape paintings.

Pioneers Museum, Colorado Springs

It also takes you on a joyful drive of the region’s native American influences and its mining and agricultural past. From early healthcare facilities to the recent significant military operation and training, it offers diversity in subjects. Something that makes it totally rewarding for people following different age groups and interests. 

Colorado Museums are Places of Ideas!

Your quench to understand the past of Colorado can be studied through these fascinating museums. A few of them will also provide a sight of present-day art, culture, and science. Truly, it gives a reason to celebrate life in Colorado. 

Now that you have a list of museums planned, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and visit Colorado today!

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