November/December 2022 CL

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  • Snowmobiles on Wolf Creek Pass. Backcountry snowmobile guides Forest and Jaclyn Bramwell of Pagosa Springs brave wintry terrain to lead guests through forests filled with pristine seasonal splendor. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  • Ice and Steam in Ouray. Steam rises from the hot springs pool on one side of town, while on the other, climbers use ropes and axes to scale sheer walls of blue ice in Ouray, home of history, adventure – and an unforgettable bipedal dog named Dexter. Story by Matt Masich and photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  • Behind the Scenes at Breck. We meet members of the small army of employees whose dedicated work keeps Breckenridge Ski Resort running, from lift maintenance, to snowmaking, to snowcat operators. Story by Matt Masich and photographs by Joe Kusumoto.
  • Wildlife Pilots. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a team of pilots who fly missions across the state to stock alpine lakes with fish and help biologists determine how many wild animals live in Colorado and what their migration patterns are. Story By Caroline Araiza.
  • Holiday Candy Recipes. Christmas candy has made major leaps in the nearly 200 years since “visions of sugarplums” danced in the heads of the wee ones in A Visit from St. Nicholas. Story and photographs by Danelle McCollum.