January/February 2022 CL

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  • Steamboat Springs’ Olympians. Kids learn to ski at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, which has sent 95 of its alumni to the Olympics – more than any single town in the nation. By Matt Masich.
  • Pueblo Sandwiches. The melting pot of ethnicities that came together in Pueblo’s steel mills is responsible for the distinctive flavor combinations in the city’s unique sandwiches. Story by Tom Hess, Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  • Meow Wolf Denver. Dozens of Colorado artists spent four years working together to create a five-story interactive dream world that recently opened in downtown Denver. Story by Leah M. Charney, Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  • Hazel Dell Mushrooms. Outside of Fort Collins, a team of fungus farmers uses tender care and scientific techniques to cultivate sought-after varieties of gourmet mushrooms. Story by Lisa Truesdale, Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
  • Kitchens. Trout recipes offer ways to cook Colorado’s freshest fish. By Danelle McCollum.