Top Take - Rafting the Yampa River (May/June 2013)

In May/June 2013, Kyler Deutmeyer captured this shot of a rapid journey through Dinosaur National Monument's Jurassic landscape.

THE YAMPA RIVER extends for nearly 250 miles from its source in the Flat Top Range to its confluence with the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. For the last 47 of those miles, the Yampa winds though a variety of terrain within the monument's borders. Rafter have the chance to float serenely below towering desert varnish-striped sandstone cliffs like those at the Tiger Wall or tacke challenging runs rushing with whitewater like those at Warm Springs Rapid. Routes along the Yampa can be traveled on day trips or extended multi-day visits. At any pace, visitors can admire the geologic legacy of the monument's modern and prehistoric rivers cutting into the gnarled rock of its canyons.

This photograph was captured by Kyler Deutmeyer and featured as the Top Take for the May/June 2013 issue of Colorado Life Magazine.

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