The Tale of Oskar Blues Brewery

From small-town restaurant to burgeoning brewing empire, Oskar Blues is a true-blue family establishment known for serving up down-home southern food, music, and brews

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WHEN YOU VISIT OSKAR BLUES, you dine with legends: Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley – late rock and blues greats who live on in music and style. But dig a little deeper, or just dig in, and you’ll find that the living legends are in the kitchen. With locations in Lyons and Longmont, Oskar Blues has become a veritable institution of brews, beef and a new brand of Mountain-Cajun cooking. From 5,000 feet to the below-sea-level bayou, take a taste of these no-fuss and fresh recipes, brought to you by Chef Jason of Oskar Blues. Put a little y’all in your next meal.


Catfish Po' Boy

4  catfish filets 

4  hoagie rolls 

2  cups Bibb lettuce, shredded 

1  red onion, sliced 

2  ripe tomatoes, sliced 

2  cups rémoulade 

2  cups beer batter          

8    cups vegetable oil 

2  cups J-Rog Secret Corn meal   

Fish Dredge (buy at Oskar Blues)



 1  cup mayo

4  anchovy, finely chopped

1  rib celery, finely diced

1  Tbsp yellow onion, diced

1  Tbsp Creole mustard

1/2  oz Worcestershire sauce

1/2  oz lemon juice

1  Tbsp horseradish

2  Tbsp ketchup

1/4  cup scallion, diced

1  Tbsp capers, chopped 

Salt and pepper to taste


Beer Batter:

 1  12-oz can Mama’s Little Yella Pils beer

1  cup flour

1/2  cup corn starch

1/2  tsp salt


In a large iron skillet, warm oil to 325°. Dredge catfish in beer batter, followed by J-Rog Secret Cornmeal Fish Dredge. Cook fish until golden brown on each side. Place cooked fish on paper towels to drain excess oil. Meanwhile, split and toast each hoagie roll; spread rémoulade equally and layer lettuce, tomato, onion and catfish.


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