March/April 2019

Colorado Life Magazine’s March/April 2019 issue is overflowing with entertaining stories, and it is full of incredible Colorado photography, too. One look at the heavenly image of Garden of the Gods on our cover, or the trio of breathtaking photos in our Top Take photography contest at the back of the magazine, and your Colorado pride will swell. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find on the pages in between.

Welcome to Mud Season! The mud and muck stick around when winter snow retreats to higher elevations. Contributing writer and photographer Dawn Wilson hits the trails near Fort Collins for a guided tour of five fun hikes where scenic views and wildlife sightings make outdoor adventurers forget about winter. A little mud never hurt anyone, right? We hope you read our story and strap on your boots for muddy and mucky adventures of your own.

Edgewood’s Watkins family has colored Colorado with stained glass for four generations. Their artwork decorates famous Denver landmarks like the Brown Palace Hotel and the Molly Brown House Museum. Look through the prism of writer Leah Chaney and photographer Joshua Hardin for the story of this artistic family and their age-old traditions of bringing new life to old stained glass.

The winter of 1931 will never fade from the memory of those who survived it. Spring had sprung when a freak late March snowstorm trapped 20 schoolchildren and their brave bus driver near Towner in Kiowa County. Not all of them would survive the ordeal. Read about the Towner Bus Tragedy beginning on page 38.

Colorado has its fair share of mountain lovers, and thousands of mountain plovers, too. Not acquainted with this diminutive bird that prefers the plains to its mountainous namesake? Learn about the animal while meeting the humans who care for them at the Mountain Plover Festival in Karval. Known as the ghosts of the prairie, these little birds have a big following.

 Got caves? Glenwood Springs does, and a spelunking first date for Steve and Jeanne Beckley has grown into a lifetime of love and an underground adventure park unlike anything found elsewhere. See the light at the adventurous end of the rocky tunnel with this entertaining tale by contributor Tom Hess. Your adventure begins on page 60.

After cool cave adventures, hot times await at Iron Mountain. No matter the weather or season, warmth flows from natural hot springs. The water, infused with natural elements, is famous for its healing qualities. Miraculous recoveries of injuries and medical maladies have been reported. Is there any truth to it? There’s only one way to find out.

Plus, you never know what you will find in our Sluice Box section. Settling to the bottom of the pan for this issue are visits to Colorado’s Crabapple Capital, a potter in Longmont connected to the old ways, and to Durango where a man in the wrong place at the right time thwarted a bank robbery long ago. Questions about Denver are the focus of this issue’s Colorado Quiz, and our poetry department features inspired lines about our state’s famous red rock formations. We’ve also got fun spring events, daytrip ideas and hiking suggestions in our Go.See.Do. section, an introduction to our state’s Spanish Peaks, and much more.

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