May/June 2018

The latest issue is always our favorite here at Colorado Life Magazine, but we’ve got to tell you – the May/June 2018 issue might be our favoritest yet. We quite literally explore Colorado from corner to corner in this issue, which boasts some mind-blowing nature photos and funny, quirky and quintessentially Colorado stories.

We start out with a photo essay on Colorado’s ever-changing weather. Entitled “Wait Five Minutes,” the feature boasts some incredible shots of rainbows, tornadoes, ridiculous cloud formations and all the other weird stuff that is normal in Colorado springtime. In our feature “Palisade Is Turning Purple,” we venture to the Grand Valley to find an agricultural town already famous for peaches and vineyards has become overrun with fragrant lavender. We give you the inside scoop on how you can experience the otherworldly sensory experience that is lavender season in Palisade; our only regret is that we couldn’t print the article’s beautiful photos scratch-’n’-sniff-style. However, you can taste the Palisade lavender if you cook the lavender recipes that accompany the article.

Next, Colorado Life moseys over to Florence, a town that was once an oil town, then a coal town, then a prison town. Now? It’s an antiques town – and not just any antiques town, but the Antiques Capital of Colorado. See how old stuff has given this place new life, and discover the best opportunities to explore the town during fun summer events. Our final feature of the issue is one our editor has been working on for years: He traveled to all four corners of the big rectangle known as Colorado to stand on the survey markers denoting the state’s extreme boundaries. It wasn’t easy, but he has some great yarns to spin about the fascinating people and places he encountered in his quest to discover the true meaning of Colorado. It is a fascinating snapshot of the diversity of life in Colorado.

We tried to go everywhere in our features, and we do our best to fill in the gaps with our departments. In the “Sluice Box” section, we meet the dog named Ranger Pete, who is basically the king of the Royal Gorge Bridge; we head over to Rangely to find out how people can help excavate Walter the dinosaur and his prehistoric pals on the Western Slope; visit Arapahoe National Recreation Area to see a daddy osprey deliver a fish dinner to his baby ospreys; and bring you statewide stumpers in our “Colorado Quiz” trivia feature. We also get a little artsy with a painter from Grand Junction, a sculptor from Monument and a band from Steamboat Springs.

There’s a bunch more, too, including do-it-yourself photo tips from our ace photo editor, poetry about Colorado’s rivers, a roundup of exciting festivals and daytrip ideas from across the state and the winning entry from our statewide “Top Take” photo contest.

All of this is our long way of saying: If you’re interested in exploring all the things that make Colorado such an incredible place to live, you should probably buy a copy of Colorado Life Magazine’s May/June 2018 issue. You can find it on newsstands, or you can get each issue for 40 percent off the cover price when you sign up for a 1-year subscription, which you can do by clicking that button over there in the upper right? See it? Yep, that’s the one.

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