July/August 2019

A visitor takes shelter from the mist emanated by Rifle Falls State Park.

Vic Schendel

The July/August 2019 issue of Colorado Life takes readers to the top of Pikes Peak and then sets them skimming over the surface of waters at Sweitzer Lake State Park and its sister parks. Writer Matt Vincent leads a fascinating history tour into the midst of the waning days of the Plains Indians, and contributor Leah Charney offers insight into a resilient eating establishment called Cherry Cricket.

  • Pikes Peak, thought inaccessible by its namesake Zebulon Pike, was the inspiration behind Katherine Lee Bates’ America the Beautiful. Part two of our three-part series on Colorado’s highest-elevation roads. Story by Tom Hess.
  • On a July day 150 years ago, the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers made their final stand in northeastern Colorado at the Battle of Summit Springs. Who were the Dog Soldiers? And did Buffalo Bill play a role in the battle? Stories by Matt Vincent.
  • The Cherry Cricket burger spot firmly grasps its down-home roots in a posh Denver neighborhood. Story by Leah Charney, photos by Joshua Hardin.
  • From a quiet paddle or relaxing at one end of a fishing pole, to airborne tubing and boarding, Coloradans know how to play on the water, as illustrated in our photo essay on Colorado state parks.


  • Most alleys are cloaked in darkness. Pueblo’s Neon Alley is, as the name suggests, vibrant with neon – said to be the largest display between New York City’s Times Square and Las Vegas. Story by Sue McMillin.
  • The 9-mile Sky Pond Trail, in Rocky Mountain National Park, is like a buffet for hikers.
  • Clear Creek County’s most-prolific storyteller and avid gold miner, Al Mosch, is gone. Story by Ian Neligh.
  • What’s so perfect about Jack Dempsey’s hometown of Manassa? Story by Leah M. Charney.
  • Everyone’s gaga over craft beer. Zuberfizz tests the waters for craft soda from its headquarters in Durango.
  • The “A” stands for “pride” at Colorado State University.
  • Higher Ground: Wetterhorn Peak, in southwest Colorado’s San Juans, gets some love.
  • Go. See. Do.: An art exhibit that explores the idea of borders, a celebration of hollyhocks and the world’s highest sailing competition are among events in July and August.
  • Top Take: A day in the life of a pollinator.
  • Colorado Trivia: All about the state’s symbols and icons.
  • Fireworks bursting in mid-air spark the interest of Colorado poets.

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