January/February 2018

The New Year brings new adventures from all across the state in the January/February 2018 issue of Colorado Life Magazine.

We begin our statewide tour in Denver with a photo essay that gives a close-up look at the Colorado State Capitol, exploring the detailed art and architecture beneath the famous golden dome. The Eisenhower Tunnel can be a source of frustration during ski season, but you’ll appreciate what an accomplishment it is that this engineering marvel exists at all after reading our story about how miners and engineers bored twin holes through 1.7 miles of granite to create it.

You’ll take a walk back in time in our photo-filled story on the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, a natural wonder on the far side of Pikes Peak that includes a petrified forest and rare fossils of insects and other creepy-crawlies from 34 million years ago. The time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is right in the heart of candy season at Durango’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the subject of another of our feature stories in this issue; this hometown chocolate shop went from local favorite to one of the biggest retail candy stores in the world.

The recipes in this issue come from Adrian Miller, Denver’s “Soul Food Scholar,” who dishes out the history of this African-American cuisine while serving some tasty and healthy home cooking.

That’s just the start of the fun. Our Sluice Box section brings you fun stories on Steamboat Springs’ North American record-setting 88 (and counting) Winter Olympians, how the Italian game of Morra kept a Denver neighborhood together, the beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, a truly bizarre fireplace in Holyoke and the Face on the Barroom Floor in Central City. The Colorado Creators section tells the tales of cowboy painter Duke Beardsley and La Junta sculptor Brenda Daniher.

All this, plus daytrip ideas, hiking spots, photo tips, the Colorado Quiz and more can be found in the latest issue of Colorado Life Magazine. Grab it off the magazine rack at any local supermarket or bookstore, or subscribe today and never miss another issue.

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