Internship Program


Opportunities at Flagship Publishing

At Flagship Publishing, our interns work on projects that matter – all while gaining hands-on experience in the publishing industry. You’ll get the opportunity to work on real projects that will help in the production of our popular magazines.

Our internship program

Our magazine internships are semester long and are customizable to fit your skills and passions. Interns can focus on one of the below tracks or can broaden their experience through multiple tracks. We prefer to give internships to students who have a strong desire to work in magazines as their intended career. We offer internships in the following areas:

Magazine Writing Internships: Writing interns learn how to expertly tell stories through colorful anecdotes, a sense of place and lively characters. They produce department and feature stories for publication. Our writing interns have sharp storytelling skills and clean, well-organized writing.

Magazine Photography Internships: Photography interns learn how to make two-dimensional photographs three-dimensional stories. They travel the state capturing a true sense of place and character. Our photography interns are skilled with DSLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop.

Magazine Advertising Sales Internships: Advertising sales interns learn how to connect our advertising clients with our audience of readers. They find leads and build relationships with potential advertisers. Our advertising sales interns don’t necessarily need sales experience, but are smart, driven communicators who care about people.


What do we look for in our interns?

We select students who have a strong desire to work in magazines. Our interns usually are in the top of their class (3.8 GPA and above). We try to cultivate students who are highly likely to come work for us after graduation; however, in some cases, we test the waters remotely during the school year with freelance work.



Internships are unpaid; however, some are able to stay on post internship in either freelance or staff positions.  


How to apply

Students can send a cover letter, resume and a portfolio or samples of work to See below for application deadlines:

Summer internships (8 weeks during May to August): March 1
Fall internships (8 weeks during September to December): June 1
Winter internships (8 weeks during January to April): November 1



If you have any questions or concerns, we'd love to help. See our "Contact Us" page to find the right person to reach out to.


Intern testimony: Olivia Snow

After contributing freelance stories remotely from college, I had the privilege in 2017 to spend a summer as a writing, editing and photography intern at Colorado Life Magazine. I was amazed at how much I got to learn about the magazine industry in such a short period of time: I wrote over 20 stories, edited various publications and finally learned how to take beautiful photos in manual mode on a DSLR camera. I even got to see a feature story I wrote in print during my internship!

The internship also allowed me to travel around beautiful Colorado, which was a dream come true: I drove to the top of a 14,000-foot mountain, explored the historic district in Denver and even got to see an opera at the highest opera house in the United States. I loved being in an environment where everyone on staff – designers, editors, and advertising sales representatives – all contributed to making my internship experience a fruitful adventure.

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