Inaugural Publisher's Letter - Inspiring Colorado

In Colorado Life's very first issue, our publiher Chris explains why Colorado is a state that inspires us.

Christopher Amundson

(This story originally appeared in the May/June 2012 issue of Colorado Life Magazine)

Angela, my wife and comrade in the magazine business, has been coming here since she was a child when her great-great-aunt, Lucretia, had a cabin at the Estes Park side of Rocky Mountain National Park. For Angela, summer meant staying at Lucretia’s cabin and jaunting around Colorado with her family.

Her aunt’s cabin is gone now but we have our own cabin at Estes Park, which we’ve chosen as headquarters for this magazine. We have adopted Colorado as our own and give our three children weekend excursions around the state. Our family loves Colorado’s mountains, its sweeping plains and its rugged southwest. We enjoy the farming communities, mountain villages and big cities along the Front Range. We identify with its people – lifelong residents, and relative newcomers like us.

Colorado Life explores all of this. Our writers and photographers travel the thoroughfares, back roads and wilderness trails in pursuit of stories and photos of the nature, wildlife, history, tourist attractions, events and local characters that make Colorado a unique place to live and visit.

In this inaugural issue, we are delighted to take you on the first of our many inspiring adventures:

Great Sand Dunes National Park – North America’s highest sand dunes create  a captivating natural landscape in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. The surreal sea of sand even has waves rolling on chilly Medano Creek.

Western Slope Wineries – One of western Colorado’s veteran vintners makes a wine elixir Coloradans call “cherry pie in a glass.”

Bent’s Old Fort at La Junta – Kit Carson’s great-grandson and others show us how fur traders survived on the Plains and why this historic site is worth visiting and preserving.

Fine Fort Food – The Fort restaurant’s Holly Arnold Kinney shares early Colorado recipes and tales in a companion story to Bent’s Old Fort.  

Early-summer events – A hearty selection of fun things to do in May and June. Pick an event or two and go have fun.

At Colorado Life, we seek out the writers, artists, photographers, musicians and even poets whose work interprets life in Colorado. Like Colorado’s gold rush of the 1850s, today’s Colorado is a magnet for creative people, and you’ll find many of them within our covers. Our at goal at Colorado Life is to entertain you with interesting stories and beautiful photos. We also aim to help you connect with and understand this place – Colorado.

Whether you’re longtime resident, a newcomer or a distant admirer – if you love Colorado, then this magazine is meant for you. Thank you for joining on this ongoing adventure all about our inspiring state.


Christopher Amundson

Publisher & Editor

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