July/August 2018

Colorado Life Magazine’s July/August 2018 issue has a ton of stunning photos of colorful Colorado locales, plus state-spanning stories about everything from moose to opera.

For our cover story, we took a summertime trip from Fort Collins to Walden along the incomparable Cache la Poudre-North Park Scenic & Historic Byway, which cruises 101 miles up a canyon and through some wild mountains into the heart of Colorado’s moose country. Next, we visit the historic Central City Opera House to hear how a bunch of rough-and-tough miners scraped together some money to build one of the crown jewels of high culture in the high country.

Over on the Western Slope, we attend a town reunion at a town that doesn’t exist anymore: Uravan, the once-bustling place that provided the uranium for the atomic bombs that ended World War II before being scraped flat by bulldozers a half-century later. We had a lot of fun creating our next feature on Colorado’s state symbols, which answers the questions: Can you go to jail for picking a columbine flower? Does our official state fish even exist? And is a lark bunting a lark or a bunting?

The recipe section features some outstanding dishes that use Colorado-grown tart cherries, including the winner of the 1947 Colorado cherry pie contest and an astonishingly good cherry-turkeyburger that you must try. Our Sluice Box section collects a fun mix of stories about the chomped ear of Rabbit Ears Pass, the grizzly bear named Old Mose who once terrorized Colorado, a Central City man who uses mystical powers to find unmarked graves, a Salida photographer who can make you a tintype portrait and a Holyoke farmer who fills unused farmland with flower. We top it off with some fun trivia about Colorado wildlife. On top of all that, you get our Go. See. Do. events section with exciting summer daytrip and hiking ideas, plus Colorado poetry and even more great photos.

If you’ve read this far, you must be intrigued. Perhaps you’re asking yourself if you can find the stories online. Well, you can’t – you’ll find them only in the beautiful, glossy pages of Colorado Life Magazine, available on newsstands pretty much everywhere in Colorado. But really, why do that when you can subscribe? Nothing brightens your day like finding the new Colorado Life waiting in your mailbox.


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