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Colorado's Summer Wildflowers

Want to know where the wildflowers grow? Every summer, Colorado's mountainsides explode in a Technicolor flora supernova.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver's Wildlife Oasis

Bald eagles and bison within view of the Denver skyline? From wasteland to wonderland, Rocky Mountain Arsenal's once-toxic military dumping grounds is now home to its own veritable army of native species.

Top Take - Rafting the Yampa River (May/June 2013)

In May/June 2013, Kyler Deutmeyer captured this shot of a rapid journey through Dinosaur National Monument's Jurassic landscape.

Dick Orleans' Rocky Mountain Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds dart in and out of view in the blink of an eye, their wings beating 60 times a second. Photographer Dick Orleans uses skill and patience to capture fleeting images of the tiny travelers that have flown across the continent for a springtime sojourn in the Rockies.

Sandhill Cranes in Flight over Colorado

Soaring on the retreat of winter, the flight of the sandhill crane is but one of its many dances. More than 20,000 cranes descend on Colorado’s San Luis Valley at the end of each winter, like the ones pictured in this photo essay, featuring work from photographers Guy Schmickle, Bob Karcz and more.

Snowshoeing, Colorado's Winter Hiking - Audio Article

Exploring Colorado by snowshoe is easy – just strap them on and start walking.

A Lonely Struggle - Audio Article

When war loomed between whites and Utes, Chief Ouray and his wife, Chipeta, waged a desperate campaign to stave off bloodshed on the Western Slope.

"Real Colorado" - Our Roadtrip Television Commercial

Check out our recent commercial for Roadtrip Television, featuring the voice of Colorado Life Magazine writer Matt Masich!

Photography Tips from Colorado Life

Looking to improve your photography? Follow these tips from our staff photographers, and one day you might see your shots featured in an issue of Colorado Life Magazine!

Chasing spring flowers in the Rocky Mountains

Spring too often seems to take its time arriving in the Colorado Rockies. However, when spring does turn up, it hangs around until autumn. When it is summer on the Plains, folks living on the flatlands always can find glorious spring somewhere in the mountains by driving, hiking or riding horseback to different elevations.

A Colorado National Monument Winter

To capture on film the otherworldly rock formations of the Monument is no small task, but our state’s finest photographers rose (about 2,000 feet) to the challenge.

Mary Magdalena's Market & Deli

In Hygiene, you'll find local products on the shelves, and local scenery in the paintings. The owner and namesake of Mary's Market & Deli makes sure to keep her customers well nourished, and letting her artistic side flourish.